30 Days of Balance #1: The 30-Day Countdown

In the Imbalance novels, recorded history begins in the span ‘1b’ and winds through time to the present: 340b. Some call the present span 1i instead of 340b because it marks the birth of imbalance, and in accordance they augment their calendars and chronologies. Others cry and cajole that this identifier belongs fifteen years prior in 325b at the live birth. To these purists the world is already in the year 15i. Whether you side with the purists and the live birth or the populists and that endae aft in early Anona when the scales first tipped, the one thing agreed upon is that the days of balance were numbered.

For our purposes, 30 will do.

Today marks the first of a 30-day countdown to the release of Purge of Ashes on April 5th. 30 more days of balance in which to get excited about the trilogy, explain some of the inspiration for the series, discuss the writing process for a debut fantasy novel, and learn some things about me before I get busy finishing the sequel. I have created the majority of these posts ahead of time to ensure the frequency and quality does not wane as the release date approaches and I revert from determined professional to giddy teenager. I hope those interested in reading my debut peruse this list of topics and pick a few they would be interested in to watch out for. A crash course on Imbalance straight from the Arnbred destrier’s mouth.

Happy reading to you all.


Pleasure note that my cover reveal and date for pre-orders are anticipated projections and subject to change.

Saturday, March 5

The 30-Day Countdown

Sunday, March 6

200,000 Words + One From Joe Abercrombie

Monday, March 7

Biting My Nails vs. Writing

Tuesday, March 8

Progress to Publication I: Original Book + Movie Script

Wednesday, March 9

What is Imbalance About?

Thursday, March 10

The Value of a Good Ear + Friends

Friday, March 11

A World Birthed From Maps

Saturday, March 12

Two Levels: Shakespeare vs. The Simpsons

Sunday, March 13

Never Quitting + Warcraft III

Monday, March 14

Favourite Authors

Tuesday, March 15

Progress to Publication II: 6-Year Challenge

Wednesday, March 16

The Cracks of the Day vs. Money

Thursday, March 17

A World Birthed From Documents

Friday, March 18

Love + Art

Saturday, March 19

Writing Women

Sunday, March 20

EARLY SAMPLE: Purge of Ashes

Monday, March 21

Cover Reveal (subject to change)

Tuesday, March 22

Pre-Orders (subject to change)

Wednesday, March 23

Self-promotion vs. The Internet

Thursday, March 24

Naming Conventions

Friday, March 25

Fantasy vs. Horrible Fantasy Covers

Saturday, March 26

Progress to Publication III: The Roddening

Sunday, March 27

Starting in the Storm + Passive Voice

Monday, March 28

Birthday Promotion!

Tuesday, March 29

Short Stories

Wednesday, March 30

The Timeline Doesn’t Matter

Thursday, March 31

Writing vs. Worldbuilding

Friday, April 1

Something Unique + Inspiring

Saturday, April 2

Pronunciations + Pronunciation Keys

Sunday, April 3

Publication + Realmwalker Publishing Group

Monday, April 4

Grip of Dust

Tuesday, April 5

The Birth of Imbalance

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