The Novels of the Imbalance



Zealots from the Scalion Legion arrive in a maelstrom of fire and blood, their ambitions as mystifying as their body count is explicit.

Trapped amid the chaos, conscript Orenzo Madleej barely learns to spit like a soldier before bedlam kills his wide-eyed notions of glory. Heir to the throne Aronan Kloss wishes to run, yet is pummeled by the dueling responsibilities of national security and human decency. Both must forge themselves in the fires of invasion if they wish to extricate the body of Asma Madrejingo. Clinging to life amidst the shambles of her once-promising inheritance, the sceptre’s daughter bears witness to the Legion’s sole objective: to hunt an immortal betrayer harbored by Aronan’s powerful father.

Now bound by contract to escort half a city of refugees to the distant capital, Orenzo and his battered division are embroiled in an exodus that yields no hope. With a recuperating Asma yoked by the plight of her people, and an indignant Aronan dismissed when speaking for his, the trio must prove themselves instruments tempered to hardened steel if they wish to survive the road. But with trust as fleeting as reprieve, and the harrowing march bleeding out the toughest of the crown’s retainers, the capital seems less and less likely to provide sanctuary.

Yet sanctuary they will need, for among the weary walks a god’s bastard dedicated to corrupting faith itself, and castle walls will not nearly be enough.

PURGE OF ASHES chronicles the mettle of young soldiers as their impact ripples from a dusty road all the way to the gods’ realm.

Book Two, Grip of Dust, is underway. Check the homepage for the latest updates.