“For anyone who is a fan of gritty high fantasy this should be right up your alley.” ~ Amazon review, James Lewis.

“I know it’s a bit different category, but I actually liked it way better than Abercrombie’s Blade Itself. I’m really looking forward to reading the forthcoming books.” ~Malazan Empire view, Itwaes Nom.

“I’d say its more…. Realistic… and enjoyable for that than several very popular authors currently selling very well.” ~ Malazan Empire review, Macros.

“Pacing is great. The characters you focus in on are all well drawn… Ultimately you left me wanting more, of both the immediate story and the big picture.” ~ Malazan Empire review, worry.

“My favorite thing is that I could tell you had the story already figured out so nothing felt tacked on just for kicks. You have a big world here and I am interested in seeing more.” ~ Malazan Empire review, RACHEL.

“I’m intrigued. Piecing together the world’s history is fun.” ~ Malazan Empire review, Mentalist.


“The book grows to be its own thing, and the ending quickly ramps up the plot, and delivers a few surprising developments, where things get proper dark, in the vein of A Song of Ice and Fire, or The Kingdoms of Thorn and Bone. There’s also a few revelation moments, which is what’s most reminiscent of Malazan, and the ending promises much, much bigger scope to things to come in the remaining books.” ~ Amazon review, Pavlo Tverdokhlib