The Calm Before the Purge

If things seem quiet around here for an author whose first book is going to be released in two months, it is because I am storing up for an exciting March. In addition to preparing an interesting series of articles that cover a wide range of subjects – and posting them daily no less, I will be going through the throes of editing and confirming front and back matter. I may also have some new maps for everyone. In addition to all that, I will be naming my cover artist as well as debuting his or her work when it is ready.

The cover is a big deal. It sets the tone of the book, often conveys both accurate and inaccurate information, and can be the difference in the thousands for sales. There is a harmony necessary between all parties when putting art to words. Like most authors I have feared attaching my work to a cover I despise for years, since being a teen at least. That said, a good cover and unique symmetry between novels in a series can really bring an author’s universe together in a manner not quite told by the words.

By then RPG will no doubt have yet more news of expansion and success. For example, it was recently announced that our titles will now be available We’re everywhere!

And in March I will be, too.


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