Steven Erikson on Queries

I often end up explaining the gist of a Reddit AMA answer I got from acclaimed author Steven Erikson regarding the value of queries and summarizing your novel in 250 words. It resonates strongly with me as my own query does little justice to the Imbalance series as a whole, and no amount of shaving, mincing or dissecting is going to change that. Queries allow no space for B or C plots and no means of demonstrating how carefully interwoven they are to the central A plot. They function more as an easy fishing system for publishing companies and agents, with unique never-before-seen-quirks as the prized catch of the day. Thing is, an excellent novel of tropes is still better than a garbage novel with a one-of-a-kind premise.


Having taken a screenshot, the above answer is due online so I can point those interested to the source. As a new author come April whose publisher never even read my query, I once again ascribe to the Path of Erikson in selling the book and not the pitch.


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