Sitting here staring at a copy of A Clash of Kings next to the computer. It’s waiting on the table to be transported out to my mother-in-law this weekend who has taken up with A Song of Ice and Fire. I can’t say I would have expected that back in the late ’90s.

Just a quick note tonight that RPG has informed me of incoming sketches from my cover artist – so it has officially begun: the book being made in earnest. I’m am eager to pin down my vision for the cover and very glad RPG is open to artist/author engagement when creating covers. One of my biggest fears throughout the process was spending all these years creating the content only to be afflicted with a cover that featured a half-naked warrior woman next to an old guy in a robe, who is probably a mage but looks like an old guy in a robe, as they grapple with some lizard-man wielding a silver gun akin to the kind you’d find on the cover of a mid-’90s Choose Your Own Adventure cover.

When this cover is done it will be yet another reason to get the hardcover.


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