Kings of the Wyld Review

On page 33 of my copy of Kings of the Wyld there is a section that beings with the line “And there it remained” and goes to the end of the chapter. It is two or three paragraphs and concludes chapter three, a chapter that by title (“Hitting the Road”) and placement within the book is surely a building chapter, there to get the story going. And yet, this section was for me the greatest part of the book. All the fantastical creatures, extraordinary treks, wacky antics, rich comradery, and dangerous encounters to follow stemmed from this one simple moment where Eames gets to the heart of matters, and elegantly.

It took a similar amount of chapters to impress his fellow author Sebastien de Castell (as mentioned in the acknowledgements) which was the beginning of Eames’s ascension to agent and publishing. I’m not surprised. I imagine it was this moment that sealed the deal. It is a beautiful thing to draw emotion from comedy, pull pathos from romp. Sometimes more beautiful than doing so in a work where it is the chief goal.

Great characters, clever interweaving, fun rock ‘n’ roll dressing, and some famous scenes. An excellent read.

3 thoughts on “Kings of the Wyld Review

  1. Hey! Just stumbled on this review and wanted to thank you for it. When readers connect with the less-bombastic emotional parts of the story it means the absolute world to me. So thanks again!

    In case you haven’t read Bloody Rose, there’s a paragraph in there I’m even more proud of (you’ll find it at the end of chapter 43).

    Anyway! I appreciate the read, and the review!


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    • Hey Nick!

      Yes, this part really connected with me – even more than the fun. It’s the combination that elevates a text. You’re a Kay fan. If you’re not really feeling for the characters no amount of cool deets is going to sell it. Tomorrow I will reread the end of chapter 43 with this in mind. I loved Bloody Rose. It was wonderful in a the same/different way.



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