It’s Time

The truth is you can post about your book, or writing books, or trying to write books, until you’re blue in the face – but authors with titles to their credit do the very same. And I’d listen to them over me, so… The blog and website are tools of trade. They are purposed with drawing eyes. Without a product, they are as useful as signs directing consumers to empty vendors or unstocked shelves.

As such, this site waits. I have lots to say – little battles vs. finalizing a novel, balancing editing vs. children, trying to balance multiple story lines – but there is no purpose until there is a product. When the site was (proportionally) thriving I had a book inbound, and that makes all the difference with keeping up. Frankly, I’m far better off producing word count on the WIP, or inching Purge of Ashes closer to as professional a launch as I can achieve, then reminding passersby of my existence while yielding no news of interest. The product sells the product.

Now, though, the time has come. I looked at my wife a few nights ago and blurted, “I might never actually touch Purge of Ashes again.” I wrote. The editor edited. The beta readers beta read. Now I am working with the exemplary Michael R. Fletcher at producing an eye-catching query letter and synopsis. It is time.

So consider this my official website warning – there is nothing to report until one of the following two things happens: either I get picked up by an agent, or I announce a release date for Purge of Ashes self-published.

Until then, keep reading.