Capital: Aneoma
Adjacent Nations: Banor
Adjacent Bodies of Water: Undersea, Tyrant’s Ocean, The Burnt Sea
Trading partners: Thynlands, Sventium, Banor, Scalion
Civil War: NO
Fifth: none

Aneoma, led by Sceptre Horvat Drakindl, sigil: Silver Fist on Gold Sunburst
Bannermen: 880,000

Hexcalm, led by no one, sigil: Red Blood Droplet on Crinkled Black
Bannermen: 70,000

Haradachi, led by Kof Shim ta Salm, sigil: none
Hail and Able-bodied: 4,000

Overview: A near rival to the Thynlands in physical expanse, Aneoma is the center of everything in the eastern hemisphere. Roads travel the distance of the elbow uniting a wide variety of people and places under one sceptredom. At its tip, the Stillborn Basin was once home to the sprawling city of Pasmear, but is now an example of the folly of chakka misuse, scraped raw and fried to a blistering red. Further inland, the West Plain and Victorial woods offset the wastelands of Chara and The Rash by providing many ample resources upon which Noas and Aneoma proper grew fat. Beyond the militaristic city of Infernium lies the Dager and the Deadlands – both natural barriers that separate the people of the Drakindl sceptredom from the barbarians of Banor to the north.

Aneoma proper is the largest city in the world, its riches drawing mostly from the Diadem Bay and the shore called the Diamond Ring. All manner of people reside in this continental capital, from traveling Ree to trading Mascans from Sventium, and it is home to the Temple of Aneom, the only place touched by the god of brilliance. It was also the location of the infamous Spanwar, humankind’s most prolonged and bloody battle for succession. The rat’s nest Hexcalm refuses to kneel to Aneoma, though they claim no leader. Efforts to clear this area and the preceding wastes have proven insufficient. Some indigenous groups connected to Aneoma include the gargantuan Jugrahan of Curoi and the tribal Haradachis of Haradachi.

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