Capital: Arn
Adjacent Nations: Thynlands
Adjacent Bodies of Water: Seacore, The Burnt Sea
Trading partners: Thynlands, The Rim
Civil War: NO
Fifth: Gnash Strata

Arn, led by Sceptre Esmel Yorest, sigil: Brown Horse Head on Yellow
Bannermen: 425,000

Carada Fort, led by Master Taskmaster Mortumanus, sigil: Black Shackles on Yellow
Bannermen: 60,000

Scalia, led by Sceptre Cor Orscoggorcan, sigil: Blue Ocean Spray on Yellow
Bannermen: 130,000

Overview: The great grass sea of the Sveldtlands bisects the Thynlands and separates Carn from its larger neighbour, historically keeping it separate in affairs of state. The land itself is bumpy and hard, ground from the crushing of mountains and founded upon layer after layer of rock. While the northern port of Arn is as close to sea level as the plains themselves, the winding road of the Grip sees more elevation than any other causeway in the world. The eastern port of Scalia overlooks The Burnt Sea while the Carada Fort stands at the mouth of the largest mountainous range, the Rockswell.

A proud people, if a tad belligerent, the Carnish boast stables in the west and metalworks in the east – their skill with the forge and anvil replicated but never duplicated around the world. They breed sturdy men and sturdier women, with a heavy cross-breeding of Barganols. The aforementioned giants originally lived in the stony peaks surrounding the open spaces of Carn, but soon came to settle their massive bulks among the populace, taking well to urban life and hefting mean hammers both in peace and wartime. The Carada Fort is notorious for their Taskmasters, the cruel unyielding sergeants of the famed military school, who break spirits as readily as a Pious breaks bread.

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