Capital: Axhold
Adjacent Nations: Aneoma, The Rim
Adjacent Bodies of Water: Seacore, Tyrant’s Ocean, The Burnt Sea
Trading partners: Thynlands, The Rim
Civil War: NO
Fifth: Ghest

Axhold, led by Guatox the Monger, sigil: Twin Axes on White Ice
Bannermen: 300,000

Offland, led by Rold the Lobber, sigil: Red X on White
Bannermen: 85,000

Hexcalm, led by no one, sigil: Red Blood Droplet on Crinkled Black
Bannermen: 70,000

Overview: The northern continent of Banor is mostly vast ranges of coniferous forest, snaking streams and rivers, and glacial highlands. Xyna is long, cold and snow-laden here, with the harsh conditions making even the shortest jaunt an overland trek. The roads around The Tracks are little more than pathways cleft through the trees, and old tribal lines run deep in the memories of its people. In the Offland, a land seldom traveled, is the world’s greatest precipice, with the city of Crevasse teetering over a two-run drop dividing city from landmass, while to the south the infamous Hexcalm casts a blot on southern relations.

Banorians are a hard-working, fierce and proud people who would rather drink with you than kill you, but either will see the day through. In recent times they have come to celebrate the fifth Ghest with stories of his great victories and bravery in battle. Banorians have only once marched south through the Dager and the Deadlands of Aneoma, but when they did it caused the Spanwar. With more frigid villages than warmth, many Banorians take well to travel – bringing a wave of new ideas into the old-fashioned homeland.

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