Capital: Remn
Adjacent Nations: none
Adjacent Bodies of Water: The Burnt Sea
Trading partners: Aneoma
Civil War: YES – Remn/Hazenma
Fifth: none

Remn, led by Sceptre Sethron Kloss, sigil: Yellow Tree on White
Bannermen: 245,000

Hazenma, led by Sceptre Juman Cullas, sigil: Silver Sword on Blue Pointed Down
Bannermen: 135,000

Katolys, led by Sceptre Bale Madrejingo, sigil: Three Waves on Gray
Bannermen: 60,000

Overview: A continent stabilized and founded on the principles of providing peace amidst times of upheaval, Sventium is an island unto itself, and therefore the ideal geography for sanctuary. Dominated by twin swamps as thick with porous gases as they are soaked in muddy water, the rest of the landmass hops between wooded forest and fertile farmland. Split by two major rivers, the Fel and the Darrowtide, Sventium boasts many small towns where disparate groups sought to find solace. To the east of the island is a volcanic ridge protruding from the Burnt Sea, the risen mountain range essentially cutting off the trader city of Masca from its capital.

Sventish are principally Ables, with a city of Mascans off the eastern coast. They take all kinds, however, and are a frequent stop for transients due to their strategic position between Aneoma and the eastern borders of both Carn and the Thynlands. Despite the continent’s young history of peace, recent developments have left the sceptredoms of Remn and Hazenma frequently at each others’ throats. At the beginning of Purge of Ashes the island finds itself on the brink of an end to their protracted civil war.

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