The Rim

The Rim

Capital: Menomar
Adjacent Nations: none
Adjacent Bodies of Water: Seacore, The Burnt Sea
Trading partners: Carn, Banor
Civil War: NO
Fifth: none

Menomar, led by Sceptre Pamsel, sigil: White Rope on Blue Ice
Bannermen: 75,000

Overview: The smallest continent in both physical geography and population, the Rim is a series of mountainous islands that help form the Northern Spine. While boasting only three towns to speak of, each one is quite unique – with a gulf of difference between the denizens of Brace Cartia and those who toil in Quild. With the bulk of the continent being waterways and mountains, The Rim is barely traversable by roads – and the one road it has from Menomar out to the Acadium pilgrimage is cold, wind-swept and dominated by snowfall. In the Tundra Vast beyond Brace Cartia, a huge span of wild tundra deters travelers and pioneers both.

While Menomar is a functional northern city, with a decent port and plenty of trade with the Tracks, Quild is a town based around exploration of the Icescape and financed by mercantile trade across the Seacore. The extra distance north has changed many of the lifestyles of the people. Brace Cartia, meanwhile, is an extended series of universities and the small village built up around the collected knowledge of the world. Near to all of the Anubak in the world can be found walking its halls, studying in its libraries or inventing in its laboratories. The race’s reclusivity has worn off on the Able population, ensuring a trip from the capital west is equally as daunting as journeying further north.

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