Capital: Crux
Adjacent Nations: Thynlands
Adjacent Bodies of Water: Ocean West, Scarabay
Trading partners: Thynlands
Civil War: NO
Fifth: none

Regional Fiefdoms:
Crux, led by the Six Oligarchs, sigil: Gold Ouroboros on Pink
Bannermen: 395,000

Ortusk, led by Ordan’odan, sigil: Three Red Tusks on Gray
Bannermen: 90,000

Kalm, led by Quesso the Widower, sigil: One Red Eye on Gray
Bannermen: 55,000

Overview: Over the spans the heat of Roan has rendered it near to unlivable by many Ables and other races, with the majority of the continent a wasteland of barren rock, scorched dirt and flat plain. To the north, the Lands of the Beast offer a messy improvement, but the local predators have claimed the area as their own. To the south, the Underheat is a sun-baked nightmare seldom ventured into by man, and then, never by a sane one. With little overland trade, the nations that once threw up borders in Roan devolved into fiefdoms structured around the largest ports in the region.

Roan’adda are adept merchants, most of whom have grown up in cities that survive off sea trade with distant nations. They are also durable, which is essential as many find life out from under the Roan sun a challenge. Roan’adda who emigrate often start at the bottom of economic and social strata, their currency ‘gen’ principally considered black-market trade most everywhere else in the world. The nation is also home for many Chaomals, who get their mottled complexion from the intense conditions of the rural environment. The capital, Crux, is notoriously the single most despicable mess of ruthless brutality the world over – yet the only way by foot to leave the carcass continent.

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