Capital: Csarvent
Adjacent Nations: Carn, Scalion, Roan
Adjacent Bodies of Water: Ocean West, Seacore, Scarabay, The Burnt Sea
Trading partners: Aneoma, Carn, Roan, The Rim
Civil War: YES – Csarvent/Palprazen/Sveldtlands
Fifth: Dorgoga (Sveldtlands)

Csarvent, led by Sceptre Cedgar Tolman, sigil: Yellow Wheat on Green
Bannermen: 1,315,000

Palprazen, led by Emperor Chaoslaym, sigil: Black Trident on Crimson
Bannermen: 660,000

Pyrl, led by Inquisitor Champlain Ryl, sigil: Silver Pearl on Teal
Bannermen: 150,000

Joss Clan, led by Daegolor, sigil: none
Hail and Able-bodied: 8,000

Overview: Vast and diverse, the Thynlands encompass everything from the sweltering swampland of Scalion up to the Ruptured Lands that were broken before the rise of humanity. The continent ties together many disparate cultures and acts as a joiner for many distant continents, becoming the most multi-cultural and financially successful land in the world. At the center of it all is the capital Csarvent, and while smaller than Aneoma in population, it is near to double when the neighboring slums of The Naughticull are included. Csarvent draws its banners from the string of cities along the Zig, including Loce, Waefanin, Corpus Haddon, and Aemyrsk – as well as laying vague claim to the hellish mecca of Crux. In the northwest the land falls under purview of Palprazen and the rival Empire that sprung up around its militaristic authority. It counts the island of Pyrl among its banners. Both Csarventi and Imperials lay claim to the rich grass plains of the Sveldtlands with various attempts to connect with the Carnish capital of Arn, but are contested by the Sveldtlanders of the Joss Clan.

All manner of people can be found across the Thynlands, including many races from Carn and Roan as well as traveling peoples such as the Ree. Beautiful Quen call The Quending their home. With the whole continent framed by mountains and split by both the Anchorock and the Spanstones, industry is rich in gems and minerals. Ample farmland and forests has kept other industries thriving. Such prosperity has bred notions of conquest and superiority among the lackadaisical nobility, however, and built up aggression from the conflicting points of view of the Tolman sceptredom in Csarvent and the Empire of Emperor Chaoslaym.

It was in the hills of Loce that the Renyd Clan capitulated to the demands of Hand Sorel and gave over their land to the Csarventi in exchange for food, citizenship and a place in their military – thus ending what was to be the biggest combat campaign since the Spanwar and effectively creating the Locian Freelancers.

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