Capital: Amerzen
Adjacent Nations: Thynlands
Adjacent Bodies of Water: The Burnt Sea, Scarabay
Trading partners: NO
Civil War: NO
Fifth: Erat

Scalion Legion:
Chath, led by Arch Deacon Kravroar Bryce Matmas Slyne, sigil: Green and Yellow Rats on Black
Legionnaires: 255,000

Overview: Scalion is a continent unlike any other. All but entirely comprised of a sweltering swamp, the whole nation barely seems to have solid ground beneath its feet. Thick odors cling to the air in a noxious haze of faint green. The central Mossrange grows even thicker with stalks, fungi, bulges and stems pushing up from the drenched soil to form a daunting jungle. The capital Amerzen is assigned as such by the rest of the world, the population not recognizing outside laws of man.

Scalion is comprised almost exclusively of a dirty rodential race disparagingly called ‘ashreavers’. They are humanoids with pinched rat-like faces and a collection of similar mannerisms such as twitching. Despite being covered in patches of mangy hair and bottomed by ragged tails, they wear nothing but rags and any assorted trinkets, baubles, beads and ornaments they can acquire. Once but a collection of squabbling clans, they were unified by the fifth Erat to form the Scalion Legion, a dogmatic madhouse of zealotry. What they lack in invention and trade they recoup in blind devotion – acting as a horrible scourge to be used at the arch deacon’s discretion.

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