Shoreline Bulldozing

It came to my attention tonight that my map for Imbalance somehow got a little screwed up along the way. See, the .PSD for this project is massive. It takes enough minutes to load and save that I immediately hop to my cell phone to play chess. Suffice to say, that means things sometimes move slowly in-program and it took a lot of tries to get the shading effects right on the land and water both. In other words, it’s busy.

At some point the shoreline pixelated wherein it still looked GOOD but also didn’t. It suddenly was built from tons of tiny beige boxes instead of a smooth shoreline. I am certain I had a superior model at some point, but must have saved over it without noticing or the whatnot.

Now it falls on me to clean the sucker up before I vouch for it to Realmwalker’s in-house cartographer… and Xyn’s arse, that’s a lot of shoreline to massage.


The Birth of Imbalance

As of today is up and running, but it will be a month yet before I clean everything up the way I would like. Even so, there will be plenty of time to prepare for the upcoming release of the first book of my epic fantasy series Imbalance entitled “Purge of Ashes.” As of this moment, there is a general release date of ‘mid-April’ and until then it is my job to get everyone on the internet as excited for it as I am.